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March 3, 2009 - Down with the tower

  It can be hard to find time to exercise when your job involves sitting at a desk all day.  Often I like to go for walks on my lunch break.  This church is less than a block from my workplace and I always used to notice the big antenna tower as I walk past.  I thought that I would love to have a tower like that for my ham shack if I could afford it and if I thought I could get away with it in my neighborhood. (That's another story)  I'm not really sure why a church would need or want such a large and expensive tower.  It had a little sign on it, I think it said "Christian Broadcasting Network" if I remember right.  Did they really have this just to receive one channel?  Or maybe they were producing content for the network and sending it to them via satellite?  I don't know. 

   Anyway, I'm told it was very windy last weekend around here.  I was up in Michigan visiting family and friends so I wouldn't know.  Let this be a lesson to anyone putting up a tower to make sure it is properly supported!  Use guy wires for something this tall.  Really, I think they were pretty lucky.  See how it bends across the peak of the roof?  Believe it or not it doesn't seem to have broken the roof boards or even tore off any of the shingles.  At least that's how it appears from the road. Was the roof really made of stronger stuff than the metal the tower?  

   Antenna tower fell on churchAntenna tower fell on church

Update June 22nd, 2009:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

   Although the tower did not crush the roof when it fell on it they did manage to mess it up a bit when they removed the tower.  They had to have plastic up there for quite a few weeks before they finaly got it fixed.  And yet... now.. they seem to have erected the exact same tower. Of course, there are still no guy wires.

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