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July 2, 2009 - I'm going to be a Dad!!!

   Yesterday Aliesha called me at work and asked if I would like to meet up with our friends the Danci/Wild family in Ypsilanti to see the fireworks on Ford Lake.  I was happy to go. We hadn't seen our friends in quite a while.  Plus I used to live on Ford Lake.  At the time I worked second shift so I never actually saw the fireworks on the lake, I always got back just in time to deal with the traffic of everyone leaving.  Once we got to Ypsi Aliesha was very anxious to get to the lake and always checking the time even though there were a couple of hours to go.  I guess that was a clue!

   Once it was dark and the fireworks started Aliesha handed me a little box and told me it was a Fourth of July present.  She is always getting gifts even for holidays people don't normally exchange gifts for so I didn't think anything of it at first.  I opened it up and there was what looked like a thermometer inside.  I actually thought that for a moment because we had argued about her not using the plastic covers when she checked her temperature. :-)  Of course, it wasn't, it was a pregnancy test and it said we are having a baby!  It only took a moment for it to register what it was then all I could say was "really!"  We had been trying but we thought there was no way she could be pregnant this month because she had had a fever.  The doctor told us that would have ended any pregnancy.  I think the fever was actually just an early symptom.  I admitted to her what I thought it was at first and she loves telling people that part now.

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