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Maker Music

   So, the other day I was on my way to go pick up Olivia from her grandparents after work and there was nothing on the radio. This is not that that  unusual in the NW Ohio area. I was getting bored and started scanning up and down the FM band. Mostly it was sermons and really uninteresting talk shows but then on about the 6th or 7th time through I actually stumbled across a song. It was a jazzy bluezy sort of thing and I almost passed it up.  I do get in the mood for that now and then, after all I used to work for a Jazz and Blues station but I was really looking for alternative rock at that moment.  

   What got me was the words.  I could have sworn I heard 'iron' and 'solder'.  Huh? Soldering being sung about? On the FM Broadcast band, which here in my area is amost completely owned by Cumulus, Clear Channel and various churches somebody is singing about soldering? I had to listen and see if I was hearing right.  Sure enough, it was Iron and Solder by Roxanne Potvin. You can check it out over at the last.fm page.  It isn't Creative Commons so you can only preview a little bit of it but hey, someone singing about making? I can buy an inexpensive song to support that! So how did this sneak onto the airwaves?  It turns out it was a canadian station coming in across the lake.  Ahh... so that explains it.


   This made me start to think, if there are other songs with a making sort of bent then maybe I could put together a playlist for the garage.  Or better yet, take it up to All Hands Active some time. Keep dreaming!  That was a fluke! I wasn't really going to try it.  It's not like I could think of any other songs that would fit.  Then I saw this, a video about a laser oscillograph posted on Hackaday. At the end he tests his shiny new toy with a song called Oscillator by a group called Mink Lungs.

   Maybe the playlist is possible after all. Maybe we can build it together. If nothing else it would be a way to encourage myself to finish building the comment system for the site.  I'll make this page live the day that comments are ready to use. If anybody knows of any good maker songs post them below and I'll add them to the list, double points if it's Creative Commons or similar. Let's see what we can find.

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